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Hi, I’m Steve, I created The Body Lever. If you see me in the gym, definitely say hello and ask any questions you might have about how to use my fitness tools

Autodidactic, and informed by many minds at festivals, within the walls of Wanderlust Hollywood and a great number of yogis abroad.

I created the Body Lever to combat my chronic pain. As a result, I've traveled the Pacific Northwest in my sprinter van acquiring a broad knowledge base of movement skills, self-care know how. I've had the honor to instruct thousands on how the use of the Body Lever and Handy Lever massage tools can improve the feeling of bodily space, quality of movement, and the internal experience of the human form.

I like to think that I stand on the shoulders of every healer and tool that came before. That there is no competition this game of reducing the pain of the world. We all engage in a continuum of idea and expression to improve the environment for everyone. 

I contend that...

It's my life purpose is to leave behind these emerging ideas, creations, and methodologies for humanity to benefit.

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