"I've greatly enjoyed using the Body Lever for trigger point therapy. It's an innovative and comprehensive tool for anyone who needs full body deep tissue relief. I'd recommend it to anyone who could benefit from targeted therapy and sore muscle relief."

Sarah Thiebaud - Yoga Insructor

"I really needed an item that I was having a lot of trouble finding in local stores. At BUSINESS NAME, I found a great selection at affordable prices. I would shop with them again for sure.”

Jensen Curtis - Yoga Instructor

"The body lever has been such a helpful tool for making my body feel its best. This tool is great for alleviating chronic pain from my L4/L5 back injury as well as bringing ease to local soreness that a hard workout leaves me with. I love how there is no duration too short nor too long for using this device; I have valued both my five minute sessions as well as my 90 minute practices. It's especially good for me as a student to massage out some shoulder tension after hours of stressful studying. It's been a great tool for me, but I would like to see more instructional content on how to use it in a wider variety of ways."

Jacob Beal - Student, Maker, Creative Talent


Los Angeles, CA

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