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     "What are the functions of a Body Lever?"

          The versatility and functionality of The Body Lever is vast; We all have bodies that are exposed to innumerable forms of stress, physical and mental. These inputs impose a  holding pattern in each system and manifest as tension relationships between the varied forms of soft tissue. Muscular, connective, cartilaginous, fascia, and nervous tissues are all subject to alteration and discomfort. The core function of this tool is to disarm the systems of the body that regulate these altered patterns and free up the soft tissue for supple and efficient mobility, relieving the underlying chronic pain.

"Massaging yourself might seem as useless as trying to tickle yourself. But if there is a good reason for rubbing your own muscles, it’s probably muscle “knots” or trigger points: small patches of clenched muscle fibers that are sensitive and cause aching and stiffness. They may be a major factor in many common pain problems like low back pain and neck pain. Most minor trigger points are probably self-treatable." -

 Trigger points are sensitive spots in soft tissue, and a large collection of them is “myofascial pain syndrome.” They are usually described as a kind of micro-cramp, but the science and their nature is controversial. Regardless, these sore spots are common, often alarmingly fierce, and they seem to grow like weeds around other painful problems and injuries. They might be a major factor in back and neck pain especially, as a cause and/or complication. They are a major reason so many people crave massage.



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