With a natural feel, its an intuitive experience, using the Body Lever, is effective and easy to use.

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The Body Handle is used to create pinpoint pressure under leverage.

The Fulcrum may be an arm, a leg, or the entire torso, it all depends on the variation.

The Body Bar is usually used as the brace for stability.

The Lever bar is more commonly used to apply pressure.

The Lever Rope can be twisted to shorten the angle distance.


Self-Care with Ease

     Leverage is the way and how The Body Lever harnesses high levels of pressure (many times the input) and reciprocal action to apply a number of therapies to oneself.

     Reciprocal also describes how the bars are oriented to opposite muscles in most techniques.

     Theres an intuitive feedback loop experienced while using the tool, and working with the levers during movement may help reorient muscular reflexes.



The Body Handle can be used to apply pinpoint pressure (Yang) in many variations. This is very similar to the rolling techniques, but the Body Handle’s point is rotated inward to be applied directly. Less leverage is needed here as the surface area is very small. This important function can easily provide specific pressure to the spine, hips, and more.


Change the Angle

Twisting the rope that connects the two Body Lever bars shortens the angle between them. To prepare for a number of leverage techniques, change the angle distance, shifting the surface in contact. This is important for use on smaller appendages like the forearms.


Roll it Out

The Body Lever is most commonly used in a rolling motion with leverage. Wrapping the bars around any body part the tool may be utilized in different orientations to apply rolling pressure to fascia, joints, and muscles.

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Its the Lev

The Body Handle can add torsion (twisting/rotational pressure) to your massage. This nuance adds a new dimension of movement to rolling therapy.

"Sword and mind must be united. Technique by itself is insufficient, and spirit alone is not enough."


The length of the Body Lever allows you to place the top ridges of each bar under the base of the skull and behind the neck; upward pressure is applied while pushing the neck gently back. This creates an effect of spinal traction, lifting all the way down to the sacrum and effectively decompressing the spine.


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