The Body Lever enhances your ability to apply self massage, the amplified power of this tool will change the way you think about self care.


A handcrafted, wooden massage instrument that can be used easily at home or on the go. Utilizing the power of the body’s own leverage this tool and some easy and effective therapeutic techniques will get you relief when and where you need it.


All claims and results within are based on anecdotal evidence. The Body Lever company is currently studying claims for scientific validation. The Body Lever is intended for use only as a massage and therapy tool.
This is a tool intended for the sole purpose of implied therapy and pain relief. It is not intended to be used in any martial form.
The Body Lever is a Class 1 medical device. Research and product claims have not been reviewed by the US Food and Drug Administration.
Please refer to our suggestions prior to purchase.
* Actual results may vary
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